Over the past 20 years, we have completed a huge number of residential and commercial driveways using a wide range of materials and styles.

With our experience and knowledge we guarantee all our work is completed to the highest standards! We offer a reliable and honest service at competitive prices.

Preparing the groundwork to the right depth using the correct materials, we optimise our working practices to deliver on time and on budget.

We only use our own trained staff (not sub-contractors) to ensure your driveway is completed to the highest standards and exceeds your expectations.

Block Paving

Block paving comes in many different colours, styles and patterns!

Whether it be a cobbled effect or tumbled, Andy can advise you on a variety of options suitable for you designing a eye-catching driveway by mixing sizes, shapes and contrasting colours, either traditional or modern, your driveway will be completed to the highest standard possible by Andy and his team.

Use Suppliers of:

  • Bradstone
  • Brett
  • Marshalls
  • Pavestone
  • Stonemarket


Tumbled cobbles with a riven surface and delicate shimmer that makes a great alternative to granite setts. Create stunning curves using Circle Stones.

Alpha Antique

With a look that blends with any surrounding, it isn't surprising that Alpha Antique is one of the most popular choices. Natural yellow and orange tones evoke a warm rustic ambience, ideal for period properties. For more contemporary homes, the elegant greys give a sophisticated touch.


Regatta's popular cobble effect range delivers a strong style statement.


An exceptional product for creating eye-catching designs. Striking patterns can be created by mixing individual colours, especially if they are laid as circles or curves.


The five sided Penta Block can be used either on its own, or with the versatile Penta Square, to create a range of classic patterns. By using contrasting colours, the pattern can be further emphasised.


Beta's clean lined, smooth surface give a wonderful contemporary design to any driveway. This low maintenance paving solution is particularly good in gardens due to the reduced gap between blocks which minimises soil collection.


Simple modern lines blend with every environment and develop a mature character over time. Omega paving is extremely popular, partly due to the range of thicknesses, making it suitable for most projects.

Kerbs and Edgings

Kerbs play an essential part in both your driveway and garden design, performing a number of functions and adding the finishing touch. There are complementary kerbs to suit all paving ranges. All our kerbs can be laid in a variety of positions by simply rotating the unit to suit.

Permeable Paving

Following the introduction of new legislation, you can no longer pave over your front garden without considering where the surface water may drain to.

Everyone is asked to act responsibly and do their bit by installing driveways that ensure surface water is handled within the confines of their property, letting it soak into the ground or reusing it in the home, rather than flooding public roads and drains.

You can still install any of the standard paving products as long as you are ensuring surface water is designed to go to suitable drainage.

Permeable paving is a type of product that allows the water to permeate (soak through) through the blocks and into the ground.

Andy Harragan has completed a large number of these styles of drives and has worked closely with the local councils and NHSB.

Andy would be more than happy to advise yourself how to about completing a permeable driveway.

Permeable Options

  1. Permeable Paving or Driveway Gravel
    These products would allow water to permeate through to and into the ground naturally. More advanced designs are available to allow you to collect and reuse water in the home or garden.
  2. Non-Permeable Solutions with Soak ways
    It is still possible to install any of the standard products that you see, and meet the new legislation.

    =If the conditions of the ground are suitable, then all you need to do is ensure that designs have included suitable drainage and channels to direct water to an effective soak way or soft landscaped area.
  3. Non-Permeable Solutions without Soak ways
    If both option 1 and 2 are unsuitable, then applying for planning permission may be the best solution.

    However if the paved area is less than 5 Sq.m than an application may not be necessary.


With over 20 years experience in surfacing and paving, we can design and construct driveways to enhance your property to suit all budgets.

We can undertake all types of surfacing works which include:

  • Driveways
  • Forecourts
  • Car Parks
  • Paths
  • Roadways
  • Hard Standing
  • Tennis Courts
  • Speed Humps
  • Playgrounds
  • Road Markings

Tar and Shingle

Tar & Shingle can be low maintenance and attractive surfacing which can be suitable for driveways/paths/car parks/roadways.

Tar & Shingle can sometimes be installed without any excavation work and be very cost effective!

Resin-bond Stone

Resin-bonded stone surfacing can be laid directly to tarmac, concrete and other stable surfaces.

This is suitable for driveways/paths/landscapes/wheelchair and pram friendly and available as a choice of different colours.


Resin-Bound Stone

Resin Bound stone/gravel is a mix of small aggregate and clear UV stable resin and then applied to the surface. It can be laid over existing surface – tarmac or concrete. It's suitable for driveways, paths, car parks, pedestrian areas, footpaths, patios, flat roofs, and tree pits etc.

We have a system of Resin Bound Paving that literally allows water to pour through its surface and allows flooding water to drain into the water course through the paving surface. this remarkable product will totally meet SUDS requirements and will be fantastic for drives, paths & car parks on new developments. This system opens up whole new opportunities for our resin bound.


Whether you are laying a new patio, creating a kitchen floor, refurbishing your driveway or constructing a conservatory, Andy Harragan & Sons know how high quality domestic concrete can significantly enhance your building project.